Offering Purebred Black and Red Gelbvieh and Purebred Red Angus Cattle
About Us

Watson Cattle Company is a family operation with Purebred Red Angus, Purebred Black and Red Gelbvieh cattle. We are proud of our 100 year heritage in the cattle business. In 1903, our great grandfather showed the all breed champion at the "Territorial Purebred Cattle Breeders Show" in Calgary . Today the 6th generation of Watsons are junior members of the Gelbvieh Association. We are located west of Medicine Hat , in the Southeastern corner of Alberta , Canada .

Our operation consists of purebred cattle, and hay production on both irrigated and dry land. The semi-arid climate of southern Alberta places regular drought stress on livestock, as a result only the hardiest and most fertile cattle are successful. Our interest in Purebred Gelbvieh evolved from the purchase of one bull by my grandfather for use on his British herd. The results of this cross were so astounding that I decided to buy a few purebred cows. We have now progressed to a full purebred herd with the last of the commercial cattle being dispersed in 2000. Over the years we have developed a balancer line of cattle which is Purebred Gelbvieh crossed with Purebred Red Angus. This cross has become popular with the commercial cattleman and is in demand in Southern Alberta . In 2007 this inspired us to purchase Purebred Red Angus females and have now expanded to include a herd with top quality Red Angus Females.

Our motto "Breeding to Bring the Best 2U" signifies the emphasis we put on breeding structurally sound, fertile cattle for the purebred and commercial cattleman. Astute cattlemen cull hard and are looking for top female replacements and premier bull power to compliment the genetic base they have retained. Whether you are a purebred breeder looking for the best Gelbvieh and Angus genetics or a commercial producer looking to cash in on hybrid cross, we have the stock you need.