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Click to View Listing Details Red Watson Boom
Proven, proven, proven. Red Watson Boom is a product of RED XO CROWFOOT RUMBLER 3388A and our Watson Shawnee cow line (who turns grass into gold). Dark red, maternal machine. You will be happy with the ability of this bull to throw great calves that grow. If your into replacement heifers he will make some great ones for you. He was used as a cleanup bull on our AI heifers. The average birth weight of his calves is 76 lbs. When you raise great ones you keep them.

Reg #   2108208
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   WJW 827F
Date of Birth   Feb 23, 2018
Birth Weight   79 lbs.
Weaning Weight   643 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Merlin
Merlin 018A is one of the breeds most talked about bulls and one of the top sellers of all breeds at GENEX. A true curve-bender, Merlin 018A calves are born small but exhibit excellent performance with impressive depth and thickness. Combining unmatched index power, calving ease, growth and carcass in one package, this bull is destined to be a breed leader!

Reg #   1628086
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   WFL 18A
Date of Birth   2013-01-19
Birth Weight   63 lbs.
Weaning Weight   675 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details RED WILBAR REGENERATE 637H
We purchased Regenerate from Wilbar ranch and we now affectionately call him Reggie. He first calf crop has been nothing short of impressive. His calves were born easy and have a nice curve bending growth. His sire is 9 Mile Franchise is a calving ease sire who excels for phenotype and carcass merit. In addition to building his Calving Ease proof, he ranks in the top 2 percent of the breed for REA, top 10 percent for Marbling and top 4 percent for GridMaster. His phenotype is very impressive with extra muscle shape and dimension in an eye-appealing package. His dam, Abigrace Y11, is one of the most prominent cows in the Red Angus breed. His outcross pedigree is your opportunity to mate across a wide variety of Red Angus and Simmental heifers and cows. He is a multi-purpose sire who can meet demands at the ranch.

Reg #   2154630
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   WJD 637H
Date of Birth   Jan 31, 2020
Birth Weight   85 lbs.
Weaning Weight   771 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details DUFF REDWOOD 1941
You cant help but love this bull. This Red Angus bull may be just as noble as the ancient redwood trees “Duff Redwood 1941”. What a specimen he is in terms of depth of rib, fleshing ability and overall dimension in a moderate frame. Just like the coastal trees, you truly need to see Redwood for yourself to understand his overall quality and value. Duff Red Wood 1941 will undoubtedly leave deep roots in the beef industry. We decided to use this bull in our embryo transplant with our best home raised cow wjw 17X. We also used him on select AI mating with another cow. The work of embryos paid off. You have to come and see his prodigy.

Reg #   4221872
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   DUFF 1941
Date of Birth   Jan 24, 2019
Birth Weight   77 lbs.
Weaning Weight   849 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details RED GOLDEN SUNSET REDBOX
We are super excited to offer you the prodigy of this bull. He is performance all the way with a weaning weight of 840 lbs. and a yearling weight of 1418 lbs. He definitely passes on his dark cherry red color and true to form a box. This guy literally checks all the "Boxes" His sire REDBOX 55C is currently one of the most talked-about Red Angus bulls in the breed. His first calves are impressive to say the least. Redbox has unmatched phenotypic quality. His body volume, ease of fleshing, soundness and style are hard to find.

Reg #   2184307
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   GSR 24H
Date of Birth   Jan 16, 2020
Birth Weight   90 lbs.
Weaning Weight   840 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Red Mar Mac Envoy
Another out source Red herdsire who was described in the Breeders catalogue as a Capacity Son who is long bodied and thick topped out of a heavy milking direct decedent of a Rough Rider Daughter. Lots of paternal and maternal traits. What I do like is he got off the truck and wanted to work. He is very long spinned and his calves have lots of bone and structure. This will be his second calf crop for sale. He is an aggressive breeder and covers lots of ground in the pasture. He is an easy keeper and had excellent body after covering a large field of cows. He has a great disposition and dark red coloring. The average weaning weight of his calves has been 717 lbs.

Reg #   1967897
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   KOF122E
Date of Birth   Feb 18, 2017
Birth Weight   86 lbs.
Weaning Weight   778 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details RED VIKSE BROOKLYN
We took a risk and purchased this bull from the Vikse dispersal sale as a calf. His sire Red Six mile High Calibre 177C was a $115,000 dollar bull purchased by a Canadian Semen Syndicate. We refer to this bull as the Vikse bull and brings performance, pedigree, phenotype and maternal merit to the table. He goes back to the two time Grand Champion winner of the Denver Stock show Taurus 519A. On the Dams side Vikse 195C Milinda is a Make my Day and Fully Loaded daughter. She has a beautiful square udder and also carries that dark red coloring. This bull is correct and a beauty. I feel his first calf crop is a great representation of this bull.

Reg #   2108208
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   VFF 208G
Date of Birth   Feb 14, 2019
Birth Weight   85 lbs.
Weaning Weight   710 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Red Watson General 9135G
General is a home raised bull from one of our best cows and a Lodi Prince sired bull. He is showing tremendous promise with really long spinned calves with some growth. The average birth weight of his bull calves is 88 lbs. and heifer calves is 82 lbs. He is passing on that favored cherry red color that is currently in demand in the red angus breed. He covers a breeding feild well and his bull calves excellent testicular development. He has an agreeable disposition and has been passing that trait on to his mild mannered calves.

Reg #   2126341
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   wjw 9135G
Date of Birth   April 6, 2015
Birth Weight   88 lbs.
Weaning Weight   789 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Mar Mac Jasper 66J
We love this bull for so many reasons. He is phenotypically perfect. He has the right numbers for a breeder bull. His dam is 135G Annie cow that sold at the female dispersal to Hawkeye Ranching in Topmkins Sk for $16,500 to be used in there flush program. His sire is the multi owned Musgrave 316 Stunner bull is admired by many for the width, dimension, and structural correctness he maintains in a well balanced package. He has an excellent set of EPD's that rank him at the top of the breed for CED, WW, YW. This bull is an extremely stylish profiling bull that is well balanced, deep sided, and has a very eye catching look. His first calf crop is proving his good disposition and looks.

Reg #   2204483
Breed   Angus
Tattoo   KOF 66J
Date of Birth   29/01/2021
Birth Weight   88 lbs.
Weaning Weight   706 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details MRLA Convoy 11J
This is a bull we purchased at the McMillan Bull sale. We purchased him as a calving ease prospect from the U2 Retrospect 29E bull. His sire is great calving ease the dam tends to throw some size. We used him as a cleanup bull on our AI heifers the first year and then used him on a group of cows the second year. He has a great hip and strong topline. Just a couple of bulls on offer this year from this bull.

Reg #   2193496
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   MRLA 11J
Date of Birth   04/01/2021
Birth Weight   62 lbs.
Weaning Weight   666 lbs.