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Click to View Listing Details Red Rebel Creek Stronghold
This yearling bull has a lot of style and movement. We are impressed with his length of spin and testicular development as a yearling bull. Performance bred with some performance numbers of WW +80 and YW +121 and TM +62. That is the top 1% of the Angus breed in all three areas. This bull also has had all his carcass data done and in in the top 1% for results there also. We anticipate the mating of this bull with some select females in our herd will make our customers very happy.

Reg #   1849533
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   ROOK 029C
Date of Birth   March 26, 2015
Birth Weight   92 lbs.
Weaning Weight   763 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Red Crowfoot Rumbler 3388A
We purchase this bull from the Crowfoot dispersal sale in 2013 as a calf. The first year we used him on our commercial herd of heifers and he did a great job. Proven we then used him on our purebred heifers. Calving ease specialist, proven with daughters with great udder development and his calves have growth. We did not touch one of our 38 heifers he bred this summer. He has a Birth Weight EPD of -5.5 which just happens to be the top 1% of the Canadian Red Angus Herd. Use this bull with confidence we do!

Reg #   1738569
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   XO 3388A
Date of Birth   April 2, 2013
Birth Weight   71 lbs.
Weaning Weight   581 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Red KF Deal Maker
This is a fancy dark cherry red bull. What caught our eye is his moderate birth weight of 86 lbs. and amazing 875 lb. weaning weight. Not sure what Clint Kuntz of Balgonie Sask was feeding him but he has held up and works the pastures like a pro. This seems to be the perfect compliment for explosive growth out on pasture. We have his first set on calves out on grass and they catch your eye at every turn. WW +73 and YW +104 I posted two photos of him his "MC dreamy shot " and then one where I walk him out so you can see his feet. Great bull !

Reg #   1803544
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   KJG 77B
Date of Birth   March 21, 2014
Birth Weight   86 lbs.
Weaning Weight   875 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Harvestor
This is a performance bull all the way around. We have a very small group of select black Angus purebreds and a larger purebred black gelbvieh group this bull services. His first group hit the ground last spring. They have what you need to sell good cattle, in the fall our black balancer steers rung the bell at the auction mart, one made it into the 4H program and the females won Grand Champion pen of heifers at the Medicine Hat Pen Show. I would say thats worth a second look. All his females will be for sale this fall as bred heifers and he has a son in the yearling bull pen.

Reg #   1883132
Breed   Angus
Tattoo   HE 127c
Date of Birth   FEB 3, 2015
Birth Weight   104 LBS
Weaning Weight   763 LBS