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Merlin 018A is one of the breeds most talked about bulls and one of the top sellers of all breeds at GENEX. A true curve-bender, Merlin 018A calves are born small but exhibit excellent performance with impressive depth and thickness. Combining unmatched index power, calving ease, growth and carcass in one package, this bull is destined to be a breed leader!

Reg #   1628086
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   WFL 18A
Date of Birth   2013-01-19
Birth Weight   63 lbs.
Weaning Weight   675 lbs.
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Fusion is currently the #1 proven calving ease option in the ABS lineup. We have used this AI sire numerous times and he is proven and our customers loves these bulls. He is wide bodied, deep ribbed and heavy muscled, outstanding foot quality and structural soundness. He has an outcross pedigree featuring the proven influence of calving ease, maternal and docility leader In Focus. Progeny are moderate in stature, thick made and deep bodied with unsurpassed docility. Not only a great production sire but he also sired the Champion bull and female at NWSS in Denver.

Reg #   1506931
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   R 236
Date of Birth   2011-09-18
Birth Weight   74 lbs.
Weaning Weight   648 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Red Watson OPPORTUNITY
Opportunity is a beautiful bull both phenotypically and has that sought after dark cherry red color. His calves have great hair and that dark red color. His calves were all born in the mid to low 80 lb range. He have some great performance numbers and is a walking herdbull at Watson Cattle. He is in the Top 10% of the Canadian Angus herd for weaning weights and top 7% of the herd for yearling weights. His dam is a Makenzie Bayberry cow 57W is an absolute beautiful cow, extremely feminine and correct cow. We purchased her bred and safe in calf to Opportunity 53Y. Who was described as a performance ‘King of the Hill’ has left an amazing set of calves. His daughter (a heifer calf) topped the first Bar 4A Female sale at $10,500. A son is also in use at Bar 4A called Mariota. The best news about Opportunity though is his milk number jumped to a +19 (over double his pedigree estimated number of 9!!) He is for real! A son also topped the spring bull sale at $15,000. This is his second calf crop offered for sale and its safe to say that when coupled with the correct cow he is a heifer bull. His average BW on bull calves is 80 lbs. and on Heifers is 77 lbs. 10 of his calves for sale are heifer bulls.

Reg #   2067879
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   WJW 823F
Date of Birth   Feb 22, 2018
Birth Weight   85 lbs.
Weaning Weight   846 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Red Watson Elite
This is a great performance bull that will add some power to your herd. His dam 103Z is a perfect put together cow that really has some amazing maternal traits. She was purchased safe in calf to Leeuwenburgh Flex 79B. Flex 79B was the first and only son sired by MRLA FLEX 49Z to sell in the spring of 2015, as a high seller to Brylor Ranch & Bar 4A for $21000. His sire was highly sought after in 2013 being Grandson of SAV Networth 4200, and having unmatched muscle, superior foot quality along with an impeccable profile. He ended up being one of the highest selling Red Angus bulls in Canada in 2013 at $50,000. Expectations are high and it is evident with this first son, we will not be disappointed. Flex 79B is a true performance bull with a sterling maternal pedigree. He will have the ability to sire stout rumped breed changing females, that will make a lasting impact on any herd. A genuine beef bull whose dam has as much capacity and fleshing ability as any cow in our herd, the kind the true cattleman demands. The mating of 79B and 103X hit the mark to make this great bull. She is a very calm no nonsense cow who is willing to just chill with her calf out grazing. She has perfect feet and udder. I would call this bull a maternal bull who will produce some amazing replacement females. His calves all weaned off average of 769lbs.

Reg #   2074508
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   WJW 810F
Date of Birth   Feb 5, 2018
Birth Weight   91 lbs.
Weaning Weight   837 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Watson Final Answer (name change pending)
We purchased this bull from McMillen Ranching in Carievale, Saskatchewan. This is a direct son of SAV Final Answer was the highest selling sire in the history of the Angus Breed. Now deceased at the age of 14 years. Born on February 22, 2000, he sold in the 2001 Martin and Angie Schaff Complete Retirement Dispersal to Alta Genetics and Baker LeMar Angus, South Dakota. Genex acquired Final Answer with the purchase of the Alta beef program in 2002. Since then, he has become the highest selling beef sire in the history of Genex. Since 2009, FINAL ANSWER has been on the top 10 list for Angus registrations every year, ranking as the number one sire for registrations at the end of fiscal year 2012. He currently has 28,712 progeny registered with the American Angus Association along with countless commercial offspring. FINAL ANSWER achieved a great feat for any beef sire, by producing his 500,000th unit of semen on July 25, 2013. He has attained many notable accomplishments, due in part to his commercial acceptability and extensive use worldwide. He leaves behind moderate, efficient replacement females and superior sons, such as 1AN01146 RIGHT ANSWER, 1AN01222 PRIORITY and 1AN01141 PIONEER. In addition, his legacy continues in his clone, 1AN01259 FINAL ANSWER II, a sire that can be used with the same expectations as FINAL ANSWER. “I have had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest maternal sires of the breed,” says Willie Altenburg, Genex Associate Vice President of Beef Genetics. “Among that group of iconic sires is Final Answer, he will go down in history as one of the greatest calving ease and maternal sires of his era.” We have expanded our black herd .... with my goal to have top quality performance animals. We have a very select group of females which this bull covers. Our black heifers won grand champion last year will be bred to this Final Answer son. Its to early to pass on judgement but this is what he does have, good feet, scrotal development, confirmation and length.

Reg #   1955866
Breed   Black Angus
Tattoo   MRLA141E
Date of Birth   Feb 2, 2017
Birth Weight   70 lbs.
Weaning Weight   770 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details Red Mar Mac Envoy
Another out source Red herdsire who was described in the Breeders catalogue as a Capacity Son who is long bodied and thick topped out of a heavy milking direct decedent of a Rough Rider Daughter. Lots of paternal and maternal traits. What I do like is he got off the truck and wanted to work. He is very long spinned and his calves have lots of bone and structure. This will be his second calf crop for sale. He is an aggressive breeder and covers lots of ground in the pasture. He is an easy keeper and had excellent body after covering a large field of cows. He has a great disposition and dark red coloring. The average weaning weight of his calves has been 717 lbs.

Reg #   1967897
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   KOF122E
Date of Birth   Feb 18, 2017
Birth Weight   86 lbs.
Weaning Weight   778 lbs.
Click to View Listing Details RED VIKSE BROOKLYN
We took a risk and purchased this bull from the Vikse dispersal sale as a calf. His sire Red Six mile High Calibre 177C was a $115,000 dollar bull purchased by a Canadian Semen Syndicate. We refer to this bull as the Vikse bull and brings performance, pedigree, phenotype and maternal merit to the table. He goes back to the two time Grand Champion winner of the Denver Stock show Taurus 519A. On the Dams side Vikse 195C Milinda is a Make my Day and Fully Loaded daughter. She has a beautiful square udder and also carries that dark red coloring. This bull is correct and a beauty. I feel his first calf crop is a great representation of this bull.

Reg #   2108208
Breed   Red Angus
Tattoo   VFF 208G
Date of Birth   Feb 14, 2019
Birth Weight   85 lbs.
Weaning Weight   710 lbs.